About Singing The human voice in all its glory and multiplicity is my passion!

After a 40 year international singing career and teaching ALL voice categories for 35 of those years, I feel qualified to share some thoughts with you.

I will not be going into a long discourse on my personal philosophy of singing, but, I think it fair to say that what I believe and propound is based on several hundred years of thorough testing and application by singing teachers through the ages. Modern technology can with microscopic scrutiny attest to what the old masters of several centuries have discovered for themselves. The knowledge about formants and acoustic laws is now scientifically verifiable.

Bel Canto technique embraces all. And technique is all. Technique is like a big mosaic, being build up block for block until the big picture appears.

Without a good and discerning technique a singer can still be very musical, they can have a great desire to communicate with an audience through emotion, nuance and colour in their singing. But, if they do not have the technical skills to fulfil this, every lasting effort is to no avail. Sooner rather than later they could run into technical difficulties. Which is why I preach the need for a solid technique. To enable a singer to discover the keys they need to unlock their voice and to make it healthy and long lasting.

In order to develop, the student needs to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

They and the teacher need the patience for individual pace development to achieve the optimal result. The teacher as guide in this process needs among other talents, radar like ears. Many can hear what is not working, but the skill is in knowing how to achieve the desired result. Come by and test it for yourself.

I hope I've been able to awaken your interest.

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Singing is the language of the soul,
the way we speak when we can’t find the words.
It’s a way to connect with the divine,
and express our deepest desires and fears.
When we sing from our heart,
we open up to the possibility of magic.
The voice is a powerful tool,
for healing and transformation.

Chandan Negi